Dear Church Family,

Starting on May 23, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. Christ Presbyterian Church will once again offer in-person Worship in the sanctuary that can also be viewed at the same time from home via Zoom. Our in-person gatherings will be guided by our county mandated Site-Specific Protection Plan (SPP). This plan was written by Dr. Dick Weisiger and Dr. Michelle Fouts with assistance from Bill Mixsell. I am so grateful for Dick and Michelle’s medical expertise and experience. I invite you to join me in following their expert advice that is offered lovingly because of their care and concern for our church family and our community. In light of Dick’s death and knowing that this was one of his final gifts to our church, we have the unique opportunity to give thanks for his life as we enact this plan to come back together as the Body of Christ. May 23rd is Pentecost Sunday, a day of new beginnings for our congregation as we come back together, and for Silas Larsen who has requested to be baptized that day. Come Holy Spirit, come and fill us with your love and your energy as we move forward into a bright new future.

All the best,


While it may seem clear and comfortable to some to throw their masks away on Tuesday, June 15th, it may be challenging for others to do so, even if the science supports this action. So the Session, in consultation with our medical advisor, Michelle Fouts, recommends the following intermediate steps:

No need to social distance (we can fill every seat!)

No special one-way doors

Mask wearing and singing!

Again, these intermediate steps may not be necessary, but it may be more comfortable for some. Let’s do this for 2 Sundays, and revise at the end of the month.