Prayer LabyrinthChrist Presbyterian Church’s Labyrinth

The labyrinth before you is based on the traditional 7 circuit medieval circle cross cathedral design. Ours is a two-way pathway with one entrance acting also as the exit. Those going in will meet those going out. So please walk into this holy space with an open mind, open heart, and enjoy your spiritual journey.


What is a Labyrinth?

A labyrinth is a single pathway in which you travel to the center. It is not a maze and there are no dead ends. The path is in view ahead of you, allowing quiet and internal focus. You can travel into the center with questions or concerns, spend time contemplating in the center and then journey out with more clarity. It winds throughout and becomes a mirror for where you are in your life. Walk it with an open mind and open heart.

CPC LabyrinthHistory

Labyrinth designs have been found in pottery and wall carvings dating over 5,000 years ago. Prehistoric labyrinths were believed to have served as traps for spirits or as defined paths for ritual dances.

In the Middle Ages labyrinths were used by Christians for prayer life. A symbol of an actual path to meet God with a clearly defined center (God) and one entrance (birth). Labyrinths were also seen as a pilgrimage where people walk a path to find salvation or enlightenment. They were installed into many cathedrals throughout the world – one of the most famous being the floor labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, France 1204.

Today labyrinths are used by many faiths and spiritual traditions as a quiet holy space for meditation, insight, self-reflection, and celebration. They are open to all.

Ideas for Labyrinth Walking

Journey Inward, Journey Outward - Let your journey into the labyrinth be an inward journey of letting go. Let your journey out of the labyrinth be a journey outward, re-entering and re-engaging the world.

Simple Attention – As you walk, simply quiet your mind. As thoughts come, let them go. Just walk and be present.

Repetition – Carry a word or phrase with you, repeating it as you go, something as simple as love or peace.

Meditation – Recite or read a scripture passage or written prayer.

Intercessory Prayer – Pray for a specific person or concern as you walk. Share the labyrinth journey with them, holding them in your prayer.

Praise and Thanksgiving – Offer God praise and thanks as you walk.


The funding for the labyrinth came from a gift to Christ Presbyterian Church from Budd and Marilyn Ferry. This gift is a testimony to Budd and Marilyn’s faith in God, Christ Presbyterian Church, and this community. May we all be inspired by the generosity of their giving.