A Catalyst for Caring Community Relationships

An Initiative of Christ Presbyterian Church

The CPC Store is an initiative of Christ Presbyterian Church to provide space for all Terra Linda neighbors to give and receive high quality, gently used children’s clothing, sports equipment, and toys on CPC property. All Store transactions will be free. The Store will be organized and run by a high school Leadership Council who will be trained and supervised by Pastor Linda Lane-Bortell with assistance from the Support Team.

Ever Green Goals of The Store

  • To care for the earth and each other by reusing resources
  • To offer space and opportunity for community connections
  • To decrease isolation and loneliness for people in Terra Linda
  • To share the blessings of the church with the whole community
  • To offer an opportunity for leadership training and community service to high school students
  • To ease family financial stressors

Leadership Council
High School students are invited to apply to form the inaugural Leadership Council. The Leadership Council will design and operate The Store. This is a unique opportunity for students to

          • Create a service project to benefit the Terra Linda community
          • Use their talents and skills to formulate a project
          • Receive leadership training
          • Problem Solve
          • Grow as leaders
          • Enjoy a level of autonomy in project decision making

Time Commitment
The Council will meet weekly. Outside of council meetings, members will perform tasks as needed to accomplish the project. Time commitment will average at least 2 hours week from September to June.

Application – Until the Council is filled
To apply please fill out and send The Store Leadership Council Application to Pastor Linda Lane-Bortell at Christ Presbyterian Church. Students of any religious or no religious background are encouraged to apply. Training will not include religious instruction.

Training and Supervision
Pastor Linda Lane-Bortell, working with The Store Support Team will provide supervision and training.

Please contact Pastor Linda Lane-Bortell at 415-747-2068 or lindacpc@sbcglobal.net